4 Ways to Improve Your Business Systems and Processes in 2023

4 Ways to Improve Your Business Systems and Processes in 2023

We have all heard about those top companies that everyone wants to work for. So, what is the secret sauce that makes those organizations so desirable? Usually, an important part of the business is an excellent organizational culture. Putting teams first leads to loyal, happy employees. It is a guarantee that this makes their employees feel like insiders. They also have specific, strict guidelines for their procedures that ensure all operations align with the company brand.

Standard Operating Procedures

It is the tiny daily tasks and procedures that interlink together to create the building blocks of an organization. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) organize the day-to-day processes and job schedules across all levels of a company. It sounds like such a simple, obvious performance enhancer to have, but many organizations do not use SOPs in their operations. They pay for it in mismanaged work and wasted time.

Without a monitoring process, it is almost impossible to ensure all work is being completed correctly and on time. Moreover, when there is no tracking, work gets redone and valuable time gets wasted. With customized SOPs for your company, you can reallocate that valuable time to strategy, problem-solving and creative thinking. All the necessary components for a company to thrive!

SOPs reinforce that procedures are being completed to your high standards, while also keeping your company in line. You have a legal obligation to make sure that your company is following applicable laws and ethical standards. SOPs enforce that all levels of your organization are following the same rules and keeping your business out of trouble.

Other benefits of SOPs:

  • Duplicated work does not happen
  • Improved clarity on work
  • Increased team engagement
  • Uniformity of company performance
  • Outputs are in line with industry standards

Project Management Systems

Project management systems provide a company with a systematic approach to an organization’s workflows. These workflows provide teams with clarity on their projects and daily tasks to help them meet their individual goals and company objectives.

No matter what industry your company is in, innovation and strategic thinking are 'where the magic happens for your business. A work management system helps coordinate employees, so they can stay on track with priority projects and is easy for the executive level to track the performance.

Mundane daily tasks are what keeps your business open and running but, it is the collaboration on projects and innovation that help an organization grow and stay competitive in the market. Project management systems replace anxiety with confidence, so your employees can go through the creative process as they stay focused on the work that matters.

Delegating material to your team takes the task-burden off of your plate and allows you to focus on the higher-level strategy. Just because you know how to the basic day-to-day tasks that keep your company running, does not mean you should. Let your employees work for you through task sharing and use your time better as a project manager.

Process Documentation

Have you ever received a document that was ten pages long and nearly impossible to understand? Or received confusing guidelines and expected to follow them?

From an internal perspective, if you want your employees to follow your customized procedures, you must present the information in an easily digestible way. Poorly executed documentation can be difficult to understand and impossible to find what you are looking for.

Uniformity in process documentation is important to be up-to-date and aligned with the company brand. It is also simple to follow when the documentation to be visually appealing. Nowadays, everyone wants to consume easy-to-read, bite-sized information.

Another time-consuming task for employees is searching for ‘approved’ documentation they can use or creating their own… a big no-no! This can lead to misalignment of the organizational brand and inconsistency in the documentation, leading to even more confusion. Having correct, well-done, and company-specific documentation in an easily accessible place takes the uncertainty out of the situation.

If you have employees working from various locations, these process documents will give them the guidance they need to do their jobs. The team at Ditto can create customized documentation that is easy to understand and streamlines your business's operations.

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Onboarding Procedures

There is nothing better than finding the perfect people for your company. Talent acquisition is a significant part of any organization – but, retention of that talent is even more vital. Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, streamlines procedures that let you communicate your organizational structure and company culture to the new employee.

Holistic onboarding procedures not only benefit the new hire, but it also makes life easier for the human resources team. Following appropriate procedures makes the setup of the new position a simple and easy practice. Included in the process is all required paperwork and necessary information, so your team can make the process as smooth as possible.

Procedures for new hires create repetition of the operation, which in turn lets you optimize the onboarding process for your specific organizational needs. This consistency allows your company to integrate the new employee into the company culture, while also providing you with a timeline for the position setup and work schedule. Proper onboarding means that your new employees are well-versed in the necessary information, skills, and appropriate behaviour for your organization. This combination means that you can set realistic expectations for you and your new hire.

Onboarding is easier through well-thought-out, replicated procedures that emphasize your brand and the key messages behind the company… once we’re done, everyone will want to be a part of your team!

Benefits of structured onboarding procedures:

  • Organizational policy compliance
  • Job clarity
  • Company culture
  • Connection to the rest of the team

Ditto understands that each business has a unique offering and that should be evident in every aspect of its operations. Standard operating procedures, project management systems, process documentation, and onboarding procedures are only a few of the ways our team can further enhance your company’s operations.

Let’s stop wasting time and refocus on your company’s strategy. I want to hear from you!