How Our Process Provides Clarity

How Our Process Provides Clarity

No matter how long your company’s been operating or how experienced your team members are, there are times when things become foggy.

The lack of clarity in your everyday work can cost you and your company in terms of productivity and wanted results. We see this all the time with growing businesses as they take on new projects and fail to update their processes to keep up with growing demands. Projects pile up, the team grows, and tasks slip through the cracks.

Providing clarity is what we do. We recognize that transparent communications and a clear workflow are as important as hiring the right talent or investing in software. Our goal is to build a strong framework for your business to help you streamline your processes, simplify reporting, and build seamless connections across all phases of your agency, internally and externally.

Here is how we provide clarity to your business so you can focus on what really matters.

1. Identifying the problem

The first step to fixing an issue is knowing what exactly needs fixing. What is holding you and your team back, and what results do you want to accomplish? We achieve this by taking a deep dive into the systems already in place and make a list of the tools and software used.

Sometimes, all you really need is a fresh pair of eyes to pinpoint the rusty cog that hinders your company’s progress. This deep dive allows us to understand what in the current system is working, what needs improving and what can be added.

2. Outlining a solution tailored to your needs

Now that we took a step back and identified what needs fixing, we need to outline solutions that tackle each problem. This may include consolidating several systems into one to provide more clarity to your work or writing completely different processes that will help achieve more productivity.

It’s important to recognize that to achieve clarity, you sometimes need to start from scratch. It might be intimidating to confront all the problems plaguing your company, more so if you're expected to make drastic changes. Take a minute to breathe and take it all in. Remember that the end goal is to create clarity throughout your company. Weigh your options and solutions presented, and prepare yourself to take the next steps.

3. Having everyone on the same page

Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of everyone on your team is essential in bringing about coherence to your work. How many times have you had two people working on the same task only to have something slip through the cracks and haunt you as the looming deadline drew closer?

When everyone is clear on expectations, things will flow a lot more smoothly and the team will be happier and more productive. Keep everything on track by getting your team together regularly to check progress, ask questions, and address any issues.

The best way to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and projects stay on track is to invest in task management tools like Asana or Teamwork. We set up these tools for you depending on your needs and team size to ensure everyone stays up to date, communication breakdowns occur less frequently and everything stays documented.

4. Building clear processes and standard operating procedures

Building clear SOPs ensure procedures are being completed to your high standards, while also keeping your company projects and budgets on track. One of the biggest benefits of SOPs is they allow you to create a schedule that is predictable and consistent.

Our team works closely with you to build out your standard operating procedures, specifically tailoring them to optimize your organization. That means it’ll be easier to grow as you bring on new clients, vendors, and team members, everything will be easier to learn because it’s all in one place.

Achieving clarity needs commitment and dedication. It requires effort to proper communication and investment in the right tools to prevent loss of time and money. With a clear vision and plan of action, we help you steer clear of the fog and achieve the results you're aiming for.